1 to 2 hours. This includes a little play time, changing outfits, snacking, sleeping or whatever your child needs during the photo shoot. Children like to do things on their own terms and we will be able to get the best images if they are having fun. Leave any pressure for your child to “perform” behind and great serendipitous things could happen.

Anywhere you want. Your home, a local park or beach of your choice or any other special place you want. Babies are usually more comfortable at home where they have all they need (as well as the parents). We will discuss the location to make sure it lends itself for the images you expect.

Wear something that makes you and/or your child feel special and comfortable. Avoid prints or large patterns if you want a more classic look to your images. Dressing the whole family in the same colors always creates a seamless look if you like that look. That is not to say that if your child has a favorite prince/princess outfit he/she shouldn’t wear it. Having a great time and feeling great always makes great pictures. Simplicity is always great. Bare feet are always very cute for informal shots. Keep accessories to a  minimum. You can bring different outfits if you want.

The best time for us is what the best time is for your child, yourself or your pet.  Don’t schedule the photo shoot close to your child’s nap time or eating time or if your child is feeling sick as this only makes for cranky little ones and funny faces on your pictures.

You might want to include something of special meaning to you and/or your child for a photo – a stuffed animal or that special blanket grandma made, flowers, a special ball or hat, etc. Also bring a snack for your child, a change of clothes in case they get your first choice dirty and all the other “mother knows best” little necessities. Most importantly – bring a lot of patience and your sense of humor along with a great dose of love.

During the appointment set up I will ask you questions about your pet’s personality, habits, training level or tricks that may be unique to your friend, so I can arrive completely prepared. Pet photography is done in outdoors natural light. I try to get most of the shots in the shade to keep your friend cool and to get the best shots possible. I will bring bottled water and healthy treats (or you can provide his/her favorite) as well as toys, and noise makers to get his/her attention while having fun.  I spend some time getting to know your pet and then we spend some time playing, and even training them to sit and stay if needed, while I capture their personality on film. Occasionally I will bring along an assistant to help out. I always give the owner the opportunity to be photographed with their pet in some of the shots at no extra charge.

How to prepare?
A headshot is all about your PERSONALITY! Come prepare to have fun.
• The day before: get plenty of sleep,  keep yourself well hydrated. Make sure your eyebrows, hair, nails and skin look their best. Don’t pluck your eyebrows the same days as you may be red and puffy. Play with hairstyles that you feel you can easily achieve and bring any hair accessories necessary to achieve different looks.
• Even though the focus is on your face, some shots may show your hands and you may want to prepare for that as well.
• If you will be doing your own make-up, bring your make-up kit for touch ups. Your make-up should look natural unless you need theatrical style shots. If you need a hair/make-up artist, you can bring your own or we can provide you with some contacts.
• Prepare any items, clothing, etc. ahead of time. If you have a role in mind you want to play (for acting) - dress the part! You many need more formal look for lets say, a lawyer role, and a more casual look for more casual type roles. Plan ahead and talk to your agent if you have one.
• Keep jewelry to a minimum and avoid loud and large prints as they will distract from your face.
• If your agent have something specific in mind, they can send samples or call us to discuss your head shot needs.
•If you change your haircut, hair color, etc. you will need new headshots as you should look like your headshot when you go to the audition. If you are planning changes in hair style, etc. make sure you do it before your headshot so you don’t have to get them done again right away.

Proofs will be made available through the internet or at a scheduled viewing appointment within 14 days or sooner. (We will contact you to let you know when they are ready). You will then choose your favorite images to be printed. You can order additional prints at any time.

We reserve the right to use all images on self promotions like printed marketing materials and website portfolio. We will contact you if additional promotional usage is considered. Please advice us in writing if you do not wish your images posted on our site or on print. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Aixa is no longer offering photography services as she  is concentrating her efforts in producing fine art paintings. Prints/usage rights of her photographs are still available. Contact us if you have any questions and thank you for visiting our website.

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