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8 X 11 Pastels on PastelMat

   Prints available.


​Reference photo: Kev Thackery

6x8 Pastel on PastelMat

  Not for sale. Prints Available.

Art Products

Aixa Renta-DeLuca Fine Art

"LEMUR" 7X9 Pencil on Pastelmat

Original SOLD. Prints Available.


Peter J. DeLuca Fine Art

Aixa Renta-DeLuca Fine Art

Expressionistic Series: Aixa's painting style is rich and suggestive expressionism. She uses mostly palette knives to paint on canvas. Her intricate, textured and dynamic style floods the senses with vibrant colors that she layers and swirls in an emotive creation. She loves the depth and interesting patterns that flows through the canvas when using the knives. The natural process of mixing colors on the knife serendipitously reveal the subjects.  She likes the flexibility of working with acrylics, which she uses most of the time.

Pet Portraits & Wildlife paintings: Aixa's latest series include more photorealistic pet and wildlife  in pastels and oils. Commissions accepted.

Aixa's paintings have been on exhibit at the Museum of Art of Ventura County, Buenaventura Art Association Gallery, Community Health Hospital in Ventura as well as in the Ventura County fair where most of the paintings won awards. She worked as a professional photographer for 15 years  doing photojournalism, portraits, headshots, architectural photography and wildlife amongst others.  Her discerning eye for balance, light and layout is reflected in her paintings, her photography and graphic design layouts done in the past when she worked as as graphic designer and later as Art Director for an adversiting agency.

Coffee Mug

"FLORIDA PELICAN" 12X24 Oil on Gallery Canvas

 Prints available.


​Reference photo: Mercedes Blair (

5x7 Pastels on PastelMat

   Prints available.

Art Products

Aixa Renta-DeLuca Pet Portraits  & Wildlife

"FEEDING THE WORLD" 5X7 Pencil on Paper

​Reference photo: Cheryl Johnson

   Prints available.

"GREAT HORNED OWL"  Oil on Gallery Canvas

 Original not for sale. ~ Prints available.

Words cannot describe....

Please contact us if you are interested in seeing or buying any of our paintings or to commission a pet portrait.


The paintings are oil on canvas.  We gesso the canvas before painting to ensure best adhesion and use good quality paints and mediums.  We varnish the finished paintings for added protection. They are painted on gallery canvas or 1/2" canvas;  the sides are painted so they can be hung as is or mounted on a frame. They come with wire, ready to hang. 

 8x10's start at $200
Larger sizes vary in price.

Pastel drawings are drawn on PasteMat. We strongly suggest that you protect your drawing in a glassed framed and place a mat board between the drawing and the glass to prevent the drawing from sticking to the glass. We can mat and frame your image for an additional fee if you are local, otherwise it will be cheaper for you to frame it in your home town.



Price: $2.50 per square inch (one pet in painting) (2 pets @ $3.00 per sq. in.)

Example: 8x10 = 80 sq. in.        80 x $2.50 = $200

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


• Pet portraits' reference photos must be high resolution images, clear, showing lots of detail. Without a good reference photo I will not be able to accept the job as you will not be happy with the finished painting.  :) Please do not select reference photos that were taken with flash, are taken standing over the dog, are too dark or blurry, are taken from a distance, etc. To get the best photo, take your pet outside or near a bright window (no sun), best light is usually in the shade, do not use flash, get down to the dog's eye level. If the dog is facing the sun/light, then the color of the eyes will show better. Close ups are great! Above all, be patient and take lots of pictures to then select the best. If you have a SLR digital camera, you will probably be able to get the most detail for your reference photo. If you don't have one, ask a friend or family if possible. I will be glad to photograph your dog for $30 (1digital image will be provided). Your pet's portrait will be its best if I you get the best reference photo quality possible. It takes 4 weeks or longer to finish a painting. There may be a waiting list before I can start your painting. If you have a deadline, please order early. Paintings/portraits make a wonderful, cherished memory of your beloved pet. Enjoy!

Images of art created remain copyright of artist.



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​Reference photo: Julie Brooker

5X7 Pastel on PastelMat

  Original Sold. Prints Available.


Reference photo: Katarina Young

5X7 Pastel on Paper

   Prints available.

"BULLDOG" 5X7 Pastel On PastelMat

   Prints available.

"WINTER" 5X7 Oil on Canvas Board 

​Reference photo: Elena Austin

  Prints available.

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If the art you desire on your product is not available, send us an email and we will upload the art to the site so you can purchase the product/s you want.